• A registered buyer will be able to contact with any supplier directly and find more details about the product they require and negotiate with multiple vendors simultaneous.
  • If you are not registered vendor will not be able to send you Quotations

Go to Homepage / Sign-Up and just fill the information or you can sign up with Facebook or Google. You’re Up. Registering with 3 rd party accounts like facebook and google we will only verify your name and email address and not collect any additional information.

There are two ways :

  • 1 st ’ search the name or type of your desired product, here you will receive a list of suppliers with similar products and you can directly contact them via phone, email or directly ask of quotation.
  • 2 nd the most effective way is to us RFQ “Request for Quote” form. Here you will enter your product name and describe your product requirements in details so that vendors can better understand your needs. Main advantage of using RFQ is that you will receive multiple quotes from eligible and capable vendors within a matter of few clicks.

Sellers here are the business institutes and wholesalers who wish to sell their products online in wholesale for institutional buyers.

  • “Request for Quotes” RFQ’s are request from buyers that are openly communicated in the marketplace which can be reached by related sellers. We make sure that your request for quotes is sent to the most eligible suppliers. Using this service will more likely provide you with better access and more number of suppliers. You are needed to describe your requirements in details in the description so that only the potential and eligible suppliers will quote you.
  • Using this method is the most effective way to reach many as they are automatically notified such, you do not need judge each supplier for their eligibility and reach not miss any reliable supplier.

No KalpaBell services are free for buyers and we don’t charge commission for buyers or sellers for such communication. However there are premium services we offer for sellers.

No we don’t sell the goods that are offered. Sellers list their products with the best price. We monitor the quality of the information provided and manage the suppliers.

Yes, some people can abuse the facility provided but if you have any complaints you can directly contact us by email or phone. You can definitely help us by identifying such suppliers and provide your reviews and ratings so that others could judge the supplier based on the information you provided and also always view the suppliers review before making a purpose.

You are always welcome to rate and review a supplier after you made a transaction with them or if you think they respond well why not give them a positive feedback. Just like the previous reviews helped you to make an informed and better decision regarding choosing your right vendor. Or warn others for a poor service.

Once you establish a communication through our chat platform you are secured that all communications are secured and both or you can decide the mode of payment. We do not get involved into the payment methodology. However if you want our help, we will be happy to help.

We advise you to be assured about the quality and terms of supplies before making a purchases and always ask of samples where possible. Please ask your supplier how to return the goods. We don’t take responsibility or take charge of any of the communications or supplies of goods and transaction between two parties. We just facilitate the communication channel. If you think you need help, we will be glad to assist you.

Once you establish a communication through our chat platform you are secured that all communications are secured and both or you can decide the mode of payment. We do not get involved into the payment methodology. However if you want our help, we will be happy to help.

So far we do not play any role between the transaction of buyers and seller. We would like the two parties to decide the terms and mode of payment and transactions.


  • Register as seller
  • Complete your company profile.
  • Add products information.
  • Wait for product approval.
  • You are ready for business. [read more for further details]

Go to and signup for “Register as a seller” and fill in the necessary information of your company. You need to provide your registration proof to be verified supplier.

  • We primarily focus on small and medium enterprises “SME’s” who have limited time and resource for business growth and promotions. We have made it easy for these entrepreneurs who wishes to be online but would want an easier and reliable option for promotion of their business. And yes you will be able to use this website as your privately owned website and manage it from your mobile phone.
  • The website is fully responsive to the various display screen and anyone who has basic capability to browse through their phone, facebook or google will be able to use it easily.
  • You can use as your own wholesale shop. “Afnai Wholesale”
  • You can find institutional buyers and sell your products for free, get inquires from buyers and conduct business.
  • You can also find wholesale suppliers to conduct your business.

Your buyers are mainly business and institutes who seek to buy products in bulk for reselling/ distribution or for institutional consumption purpose. So it is advisable you mention your pricing and terms carefully.

Our targeted buyers are from your local buyers but they can be from all around the world. Basically you will find buyers who seek to purchase locally or international buyers who want to import.

Your products can be found from any search engine platform like google or bing. It is required that you fill in your product details carefully such that it will help for the buyers to make proper decision looking at your product details. Try to provide as much information as possible including the keywords, product specifications and product details. Our algorithm will rate your products depending upon the detailed information, ratings and your response to the buyers inquires.

No not as of moment. But you will be able to quote the potential buyers who might also be negotiating with other suppliers so we suggest that you should put best judgment and respond to the quotes accordingly.

  • A mini-website is a unique service provided by KALPABELL where a seller or an institution can open a fully functional website as []. You are allowed to use and promote this website as your own as long as you follow our Terms and Conditions.
  • We don’t charge you for this page and can use it as long as you want to. You can easily setup and manage this website for free and market your products. It will have all features of a typical website functionalities and people will be able to find about your company information and your products simply by searching not just in Kalpabell platform but directly from search engines like Google, bing or yahoo.

Buyers will to contact you based upon the information you provided in your page and ask for quotation for the specific products. Or you can view the Market RFQ section for buyers who have posted for their required products related to you.

You will also be notified promptly via email or sms if a buyer send you an inquiry or if there is a “RFQ: Request for Quotation” related to your product.

After you register as a supplier you need to fill in company details like name, address, operational area, logo, company details and pictures. You can write information about your establishment and achievement, purpose of your company and about your products and services that an interested buyer might be interested to know about your company before they make a purpose.

Yes, you can use your profile page as your own company website and you will not be charged any amount for the same and you can add products and categories as you wish. However there are premium features available which would promote your business more.

  • As a seller you will have two dashboard Buyer’s/ and Seller’s. A Sellers dashboard will have “Product Manager” tab; where you will be able to add, manage, edit and delete products and can categorize all products as per your requirement.
  • Adding products:
  • Choose Product Category: We have made searching for product category very easy you just need to type your category name or any related product name or information. We will suggest you all possible categories you your product might be suited to. Here you will be able to choose upto 2 different category.
  • Product details:
  • Select an attractive name for your product tile and limit yourself from too long title.
  • Eg if you want to sell “Shirt” try “Full Sleeve Men’s Formal Cotton Shirt”
  • Additional Details: always fill in the relevant information and product description. Since your product will be listed as per the information provided.
  • Add Product Pictures: Choose Clear picture with white background and try to avoid too large pictures to make the download faster.
  • Try to update the price frequently.
  • Once you complete the details you can view the detailed information in in Product Manager and wait for approval from admin.

A sellers profile is the mini website that we mentioned above section in the sellers website. This will contain company introduction, special section, employees details, contact information, ratings given by buyers etc.

Yes your profile will be dedicated for your products and can freely use as your personal website, without any charges. You will be able to use it as a fully functional website and has an admin dashboard where you can manage any information about your company that you want to share to the world and add any legal products you wish.

  • Operational Area: Lets us assume two types of sellers a) local wholesale supplier b) supplier working in a few niche market like selected cities only.
  • Local wholesale supplier: Their requirement is to distribute their goods in a specific area defined by physical boundary like miles, or city in that manner. They can choose to get Inquires from only a specific area or city which they will be able to choose in the company profile. By doing so they will only receive inquiries from buyers from those places.
  • Niche market supplier: if you are a supplier who wishes to work in only specified cities, then either you would want to type in the specified cities or type in the excluded cities. By typing the excluded cities, your operational area will be all places in your country except the cities you choose to exclude.

While registering your company you will need to check yourself as an exporter. By doing so buyers from foreign countries looking to import such products can find you if you.

You can find your desired category by typing in the product name, product nature, any related keywords or desirable category name in category search field and you should be suggested with all related categories or you can also search the category manually from the well organized database.

User ratings are score a particular buyer gives you after conducting business with you. This will have an impact in your overall ranking of your profile and KalpaBell will prioritize sellers according to the ratings for similar products. So, it is necessary for sellers to have a good product delivery and ask for positive reviews and ratings. Also if any clients provide you with a negative rating, you can always go through it and provide an additional service so that they would change the ratings.

Buyers find you by using title name, tag, keywords, brand name, description of products and business nature, location or any information provided in your website; they come to check for prices and compare products which they would like to buy . So it is recommended that you keep your mini- website update with products and

You can get in top results by regularly updating the websites and product information, having a relevant keyword for the products, providing quick quotes and responses of the buyers inquiry, having a higher number of feedbacks and high ratings. Basically everything that you do in the website will affect the ranking during a product search.

  • Keywords are a reference term that you use for any product related to the product or service you sell through the website. It is a nearest synonym or description of any product that you would want to use for your product which you think will buyers type to get to your relevant product.
  • The important factory here is that we already have a large database of keywords one can guess so you don’t have to scratch your head what could be the related keywords. You just need to choose a right category and you will be able to see all the related keywords in one place. All you have to do is choose yours.

Yes we understand that your product can representative multiple category, just click and choose all related ones or retype in your search query to get more results so that you can find your exact match.

Buyers from all over the world will be able to view and find your product via any popular search engines so using the relevant keyword is of priority.

If you have a private website to showcase all your products then any active buyer from the world will be able to search your product in whether through a search engine or directly find your

We provide our service for all markets from A to Z. Basically anyone who want to sell will find a place here in our Wholesale business platform.

KalpaBell has various services and we will keep on developing our platform for more premium features which will enable sellers to reach their desired and targeted costumers more effectively via paid advertisements.